This was a game created for the 2022 Global Game Jam where the theme was duality.

In this game you play as a Puppeteer trying to put on a show. Press the keys in the right order and fast enough to please your audience. 

The web version is an updated version of the game that is playable, as the game was not finished in the initial 48 hours of the game jam. It is partially playable and not all the animations are working as intended. We wanted to go back and fix it up a little to make it a complete experience at the minimum. So with another ~3 hours of work we were able to get it to a better place. If you would like to play the original version download the "The Puppeteer" to check it out or download "The Puppeteer_v.2" to play the complete experience.


The 32 MB
Download 32 MB

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